Ivy McAdams

Wild Hearts of the Frontier

Captivated by a Gunslinger

Emerald Falls Book 3

A woman wanted for murder…

After shooting her abusive husband, Clara McGowen flees, leaving her home and family behind. Now she manages the daily routine of an outlaw gang, but secretly longs to be reunited with her loved ones. After the leader of the gang discovers her unique ability, he decides to use her to infiltrate the local bank, putting her at risk of being discovered by the law. As the danger increases, so does her attraction for the leader, forcing her to choose between a love that heals her battered heart or risking her freedom to regain her family?

A man desperate to liberate his family…

Ace Van den Berg has been leading a gang of homeless outlaws for the last nine years. They survive by any means necessary, but Ace envisions a life without the need to run and hide. A bank heist provides an opportunity to get out of their paltry existence, but it comes at the cost of endangering Clara, a woman who argues with him at every turn and ignites his blood with a smile. Can he do what is required of him as a leader while sacrificing everything he wants as a man?


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