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New in my Alien Bounty Hunter Series!

Her Alien Keeper (Praezorian Bounty Hunters 2)

If you’re on their bounty list, there’s no escape…

I thought I’d made the most profound archeological discovery ever, but as it turns out, the remains I’m studying aren’t quite human. They’re alien.

And apparently extraterrestrials don’t care for their dead being disturbed.

When a tall, dark, and horned alien shows up to steal me away, I’m launched into a centuries’ old war between two powerful forces in a world I never knew existed.

It looks like it’s game over for me, but the way my bounty hunter lingers near my cage and touches my face has me curious. Maybe we can strike a deal for my freedom.

He seems to know what he wants and with the way my blood heats when he kisses me, I’m not sure I’ll need to fake it.

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