Ivy McAdams

Wild Hearts of the Frontier

Kidnapped by an Outlaw

Emerald Falls Book 1

Can she escape the man who holds her heart hostage?

Sadie Tanner grew up on the western plains of Wyoming, shunned by her wealthy relatives and in fear that she’d never be accepted as a normal lady in the town of Emerald Falls. Then she’s betrothed to a well-known rancher’s son, and her chance is on the horizon. Or at least it was before she was kidnapped for ransom. Now she’s facing a gang of dirty outlaws. She should be revolted by a bunch of thieves and murderers, shouldn’t she? But one of the men is not what she expected.

Clay Pearson is a man with a broken past, landing him in a well-known and troublesome outlaw gang. He’s thankful for the makeshift family around him, and he’s comfortable with his day to day life. That is, until he steals Sadie and brings her back to camp. Then he finds himself pulled in two directions. Should he give up the girl to help the family who’s cared for him his entire life, or hold tight to the woman with the courage of a wildcat who’s bewitched his heart?


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Ivy McAdams

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